Public health outreach, education, prevention and administration

Assuring that the health of all community members is protected and that healthy lifestyles are promoted.


Community Health Equity and Promotion  (CHEP)

The Community Health Equity and Promotion Branch works in conjunction with community members and organizations to develop evidence based, data driven, sustainable initiatives to address priority public health issues with a focus on ensuring health equity. Community engagement is central to the work of the Branch. This work includes participating in, staffing, and/or supporting community coalitions, planning bodies, and partnership groups that bring representatives together from diverse areas to focus on shared goals and a common agenda to solve health and other social problems. CHEP also plans and coordinates programs with the San Francisco Health Network (SFHN) to increase access to quality care, integrate prevention and health promotion strategies and resources for SFHN patients, and collectively work towards reducing health disparities in San Francisco through a systems approach. More information  by calling 415-437-6200.


Director of Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Responsible for ensuring that the health of our community is encouraged and protected through direct services, public education and comprehensive planning. Information by calling 415-554-2526.


Environmental Health

Responsible for implementing San Francisco’s health-protective environmental policies including safe food, protection from excessive noise, prevention of chemical exposure and polluted soil, habitable housing and quality neighborhoods. Information online or by calling 415-252-3800.


Health Impact Assessment

Conducts health impact assessments (HIA) on policies, projects or plans; develops quantitative tools to analyze and predict health impacts; conducts annual trainings for HIA practitioners; and supports local, regional, state, and national HIA practice.  Information online.


LEAP (Look to End Abuse Permanently)

Dedicated to ending intimate partner and family violence by establishing, screening, treatment and prevention programs in the health care setting. Information online or by email


Office of Policy and Planning

Analyzes, develops, and advances health policy and conducts strategic, departmental, and community health planning for San Francisco.  Information by email


Quality Management Office