Outreach and care for special populations

Serving special populations who benefit from a focused approach to health care with education, support and treatment.

Bayview Hunter’s Point HEAL Zone

Brings together a robust coalition of partners to prevent serious diseases (like diabetes and hypertension) that result from obesity. By decreasing consumption of unhealthy calories, increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables and increasing the opportunities for physical activity at school, work and home, the partnership seeks to change entire communities. Information at shapeupsf.org or by calling 415-581-2456.

Filipino Community Cancer Collaborative (FCCC)

Improving the health status of Filipinos through culturally responsive health interventions, education and outreach targeting cancer and other barriers to health. Information at https://filipinocollaborative.wordpress.com/.

Jail Health Services

Providing a comprehensive and integrated system of medical, psychiatric and substance abuse care to inmates of the San Francisco County Jail system. JHS staff triage over 31,000 prisoners annually. Information at 415-995-1700.

Project Homeless Connect (PHC)

Collaborating with hundreds of community organizations, PHC provides a single location for homeless families and individuals to seek the care and services they need to re-establish their lives. Information at www.projecthomelessconnect.com or by calling 415-503-2123.

Rattlesnake in a Moving Car

Enhancing public understanding of the complexities of living with HIV positive status for decades, this unique art installation combines portraiture, sculpture and voices to tell the story of these remarkable community members. Information at rattlesnakeinamovingcar.org

Transitions Clinic Network (TCN)

A national network of medical homes for individuals with chronic diseases recently released from prison.  Founded in 2006 on the idea that people closest to the problem are also closest to the solution, each clinic in the Network employs a community health worker with a history of incarceration as part of the clinic team.  TCN has grown to 15 clinics across 7 states and Puerto Rico.  Located in the communities most impacted by incarceration, each clinic caters to this vulnerable population and assists them to make successful and healthy reintegration back in their neighborhoods and lives.  San Francisco’s program is located at Southeast Health Center in Bayview Hunters Point.  Information at transitionsclinic.org